Our commitment to sustainability is not just a statement;

it’s a promise to lead by example, inspire positive change, and be responsible stewards of our planet and society. We employ Virtual Production as a method to actively diminish the carbon footprint associated with your film, commercial, or series production.

Embracing this virtual revolution allows you to substantially reduce the adverse environmental effects of your project. We leverage computer software tools to meticulously compute the ultimate carbon footprint and compare it with the outcomes of traditional production methods. Join us in going green!


This graph illustrates the difference in carbon footprint between one of our VP productions and the same commercial that would be produced through traditional methods. The results show that VP was nearly five times more environmentally friendly.

Using virtual production you can reduce
the footprint of all the aspects of production.

The most significant reduction is visible in:

transportation as there are no crew moves

filming spaces as only one studio is required

materials as most of the set construction is crafted virtually