Polsat „Mikołajkowy Blok Reklamowy 2023”

Pluto TV ” Stream yourself through space and time”

Calgon ” Le lover”

Resolve “Love is Messy”

Lysol “Operation Tip Toe”

Lysol “Operation Fridge”

Choctaw Casino & Resorts “Mesmerize”

Veet “Pure”

Veet “Misha”

Strepsils „Eden”

Hasselblad X OnePlus “The Shape of Power”

Case Study “What’s virtual in Resolve commercial?”

Destop “Good Morning”

Calgon “La compte”

Calgon “La series”

Calgon “Au sport”

Delsym “Feel better together”

RID-X „Get your * together”

Enfamil GE „Happy Tummy Happy Baby”