About us

Our Passion for Merging Reality and Imagination

The actors perform in front of an LED wall that dynamically displays virtual worlds. These digital environments are generated using the Unreal Engine, a computer game engine. The physical set in the foreground is kept to a minimum since the majority of the surroundings are crafted in 3D form.

The camera captures the actors, the physical elements in the foreground, and the virtual backdrop in real-time. The camera is also equipped with tracking technology, so as it moves, the perspective of the virtual background shifts accordingly.

Meet our team

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Melania Kulczycka

Founder / Client Services Director

Working with virtual simulations for MoD and managing projects, gave her a deeper appreciation of virtual reality.

Piotr Tałaj

CEO / Executive Producer

I consider myself both a producer and a curator of life experiences – whether it’s capturing moments on set, savoring a homemade meal, or carving fresh tracks on the ski slopes.

Piotr „Fryta” Kornobis


Hello, I’m Fryta

Maciej Witkowski

Production Manager

A production manager, who enjoys relaxing in the sauna after a long day at work and sipping a glass of wine to unwind. It helps him recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Maciej Rudzin

Virtual Art Director

I love exploring the new realms of beauty that virtual production offers. I am on the lookout for innovative ways to utilize technology to create stunning visual effects and bring their creative vision to life.

Adam Oraczewski

Virtual Environment Coordinator

You can imagine anything and our team will put it on the screen, but you can’t imagine how we will manage to organize it. I’m just helping to write a map for a bunch of artists who can go anywhere. 

Michał Kowalczyk

Technical Manager

They say Virtual Production is a marathon, not a sprint – but with us it can be as easy as an evening walk.

Paweł Fugiel

Virtual Production Developer Lead

I love to have a lot computing power and virtual production gives me the opportunity to use it.

Ojars Saulitis

Virtual Production Supervisor

Unreal sorcerer, crafting movie magic through in-camera VFX. Lights, camera, unreal engine magic!

Piotr Tyszko

LED and Tracking Engineer

I love creating innovative solutions based on the latest technology that make people’s lives easier and make the world a better place.

Magda Czyżewska

Unreal Artist

My favourite season is spring, so you won’t see my work at any other time of the year – just joking ;)

Sergiusz Lenartowicz

Unreal Artist

I have many years of experience in the field of 3D graphics, which allows me to handle any project I receive. Ambition and goal achievement motivate me in every life situation, but especially in the work I do.

Patrycja Frączak

Junior Unreal Artist

“To create one must first question everything” – quoting Eileen Gray is a perfect description of my work life.

Piotr Czapliński

Junior Unreal Artist

Hello, I’m Piotr